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Current news and events involving the Director of PTI Grand Master Vincent Marchetti can be found on the website of his dojo and the headquarters of the PTI at

Police Tactics Instructors of America is an “International Registry” for instructors who train police, EMT’s, firemen, and military personnel.

The organization is a police training organization, not a martial arts organization. However, simply by its nature a large number of martial artists make up our membership. But everyone should keep in mind that there are numerous subjects related to law  enforcement that require instruction by other professionals not related to the field of martial arts or combative training.

Upon approval of membership applications, members receive an ID card and a certificate of membership. Members must keep up their membership as well as complete their hours of PTI training to host their own sessions or seminars. PTI will advertise your PTI training sessions or seminars in our internationally distributed newsletter and on our website free of charge. Simply notify us of the dates and subject matter of these presentations.

The organization sanctions training sessions and maintains a confidential file with member’s credentials. Any member may use the
organization as a reference. Upon request of any law enforcement’s agency, we will certify that we have your current credentials on file and that your membership is current with us.

Police training officers and martial arts instructors around the world proudly display the Police Tactics Instructors of America logo on their t-shirts, uniforms with our PTI patches, certificate of current membership, as well as carry a PTI card and badge. Our organization’s membership has representation around the world with representatives in Europe, the Caribbean, and throughout the United States.

PTI’s mission is “To insure that those who protect and serve the public receive the finest possible training available.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of an elite group of specialists in the field of Police Trainers! Add a Police Tactics Instructors of America membership to your credentials!

Types of training by members include:

  • Unarmed defensive tactics
  • Control tactics
  • Handcuffing techniques
  • Impact weapons
  • Firearms
  • First aid
  • Police chemical agents
  • Force continuum
  • Felony stops
  • Weapons retention
  • Firearms training